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Ericsson Working on HTML5 Video Streaming Technology

Ericsson are now among the companies taking an interest in the future of web standards. The company demonstrated a prototype web client at their Business Innovation Forum in California capable of live streaming of HTML5 video and audio, with an eye towards developing their work into a standard for web streaming technology.

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Netflix Targets Chrome OS

Popular video on demand service Netflix has traditionally served video using Microsoft's Silverlight plugin, but that may be about to change, at least for some customers. The company is planning on launching an option for Chrome OS users that makes use of HTML5 video instead.

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Over 60% of Web Video Now Encoded In H.264

Video site MeeFeedia has released a study showing that H.264, the format favored by companies like Microsoft and Apple, has made large strides in adoption over the past year. Specifically, H.264 encoded video now accounts for 63% of web video, far outpacing other formats.

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